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Sodium Salts

We provide Sodium Salts that are made of sodium cations and the conjugate base anions of some inorganic or organic acid. These salts are have been formed by the neutralization reaction of acid with sodium hydroxide. The salts that we provide in this category are Sodium Citrate and Tri Sodium Phosphate which are used in different industrial segments. The offered sodium citrate is used as an acidity regulator in various drinks and emulsifier for oil whereas the Tri Sodium Phosphate salt is used as food additive and a cleaning agent. Both of these salts are available in white colored crystalline powder.

Key Features

  • Contains long chain of sulfonic acids that id useful in making toothpaste and shampoo
  • The fatty acids present in it is used in soaps
  • Useful for the production of azo dyes due to the presence of aromatic sulfonic acids
  • Serves as plant protection agents as well

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